Hot Foil Ribbon

Blackdot® Hot Foil Ribbon

Blackdot® Hot Foil Ribbon is a hot stamping foil that supports fast code printing. It has good printing performance, exceptionally good scratch resistance, and offers exceptionally good printing effect on various soft/hard labels, food bags and soft/hard plastic packaging bags.

Blackdot® Hot Foil ribbons meet bright and attractive metallic labeling needs. Offering a high-quality look and feel, these ribbons are particularly ideal for specialty packaging and branding applications.

Superior Scratch Resistance

Excellent Substrate Compatibility

High-Frequency Printing

Printing Quality

Min. Printable Character
0° Barcode
90° Barcode


Printing Speed
Printing Temperature

Resistance Test

Physical resistance

Slight exposure begins after approx. X cycles with a 680G weight load.

No significantly faded

Water Resistance Test

The printed label was soaked in water at 100°C for 2 hours and then check whether the imprint of the label was significantly faded.

No significantly fallen off

Low-temperature Test

The printed label was placed in a closed cold box at -17°C for 20 hours and then check whether the imprint of the label was significantly fallen off.

Substrate Compatibility

Uncoated Paper

Writing Paper, Vellum...

Coated Paper

Art Paper, Art Printing Paper, High Gloss...

Synthetic Paper

Synthetic Paper...

Film labels

PP/PET/PE/BOPP/PVC (Low scratch resistance)

L3 < L2 < L1

Devices Used

Hot press devices.

Recommended Applications

Receipt and delivery labels for warehouses



Daily chemicals


Refrigeration Industry

Hot working

Retail labels

Digital & electronics labels

Clothing tags

Labels for automobile industry

Chemical industry

Nursery gardens and flowers

Production lines

Wooden products

Steel & iron manufacturing

Fixed assets

Electrical equipment

Mechanical equipment


Garment and accessories

Shoe tongues

Certifications And Permits